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Naked and Unashamed By: Susan Deborah Schiller I have decided to get naked. I removed all the outerwear that my culture told me would cover my shame. I don't even know where the shame began, except it appeared when I was very little. It made me painfully shy. I knew in my heart I was […]


In Case of Sudden Disaster, Grin! By: Susan Deborah Schiller "I'm grooming you to grin in the face of disaster," said Papa God as I made my daily fear-dump in a worn out leather journal. Escaping a cult-church and an abusive husband at the same time had left me isolated, wrestling the growing pack of […]


Cowgirl Up! By: Susan Deborah Schiller A little part of my own memoir… My husband and I were invited to manage a ranch, that they wanted turned into a House of Prayer. Stepping foot into the sprawling, 5,000 sq ft barn-turned-into-a-house, we took the bull by its horns and began cleaning and decorating the newly […]


Mattie's Life Story: Lessons from a  Border Collie By: Susan Deborah Schiller "I'm bored!" says Mattie's look in this photo. Mattie retired at age 7 from the Pathfinder Ranch in Wyoming where she was used to chasing cows from sunrise to sunset, always on the go. Now she was on our little farm and wondering […]


The Honey Rock By: Susan Schiller Much to my surprise, a carefully wrapped rock arrived in my mailbox yesterday, glistening with a shiny amber substance that appeared to pool out of the rock. "I will give you honey out of the rock," the note said, a message from Psalm 81:16. "From out of all the […]


Beware of the strong woman! By: Susan Deborah Schiller Warning: Trigger alert. Please don't read if you are sensitive to images of family violence. "Susan, I'm ashamed of you! Why can't you have more grace?" said my pastor, after telling him I was divorcing my husband. We were just shy of our 20-year anniversary and […]


Plunging into the Heart of the Plague By: Susan Deborah Schiller Today I finish driving about 2000 miles across country, from my childhood home town to my present home town. It's nice to visit the 1st World but 3rd World living is where I really love to be. There's a plague all around me, but the people […]


From Ruin to Restoration, Part One By Kimberly Dimick My husband Joshua and I have been married 23 years. We met at Bible College….got married and continued our Biblical Studies after marriage. Joshua was a believer! My dream of a great marriage was supposed to be coming true. It only took a few days to […]


She Flew By: Susan Deborah Schiller Why have I attracted sociopaths everywhere I go? What causes them to be drawn to me? So many times I've heard it's because I'm "too nice," "too trusting," and "suffering from low self-esteem".  Over a period of 14 years I have studied sociopaths, up close and personal. I have […]

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  The Art of Goofy-Stupid 101 By Susan Deborah Schiller Part of my own Mini-Memoir In my 50th year of life – you know, that time when you start to wonder if you have really achieved those childhood dreams and all the goals you had set out to accomplish – I began an adventure… It […]


What Does Freedom Feel Like to You? By: Susan Deborah Schiller    Photo Source In the mini-memoir series * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * My granddaughter experiences freedom when she's climbing rocks, her hands digging in the dirt, up high […]


Soul Care for Caregivers By: Susan Deborah Schiller In the mini-memoir series A short story from my own memoir…. This evening I want to capture a mental photo of the red cliffs in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Savoring this place of newfound refuge and freedom means I can return to it anytime, in my memories. The setting sun has cast […]


  My Dad's Last Summer Photos above taken five months before he died. By: Susan Deborah Schiller ~ Mini-Memoir Series I hear his heart calling me. Even if he had a phone he wouldn’t be able to dial out. He is on life support, in Ann Arbor. My heart is palpitating. It is Saturday morning, […]


Behind the Veil By: Susan Schiller "My Bride, My Chosen One, I come for you. I long for you with a passion that far exceeds what you hope and long for. It grows each day, and I long to kiss you and to see your beautiful face. Join me behind the veil. Trim the wick. […]


Redefining Godly Sexuality By: Susan Schiller Sex and shame in the Christian culture go hand-in-hand, and in this article I will be sharing a story that has mature content and should only be read if you are 18-years of age or older. I'm sharing this story because sex is part of the mystery of life […]


The Art Room: Create Your World By: Susan Deborah Schiller Photo Credit: Akianne Gallery (I purchased a digital copy of her painting many years ago and I cherish it!) "What you speak is what you get," said Papa with a grin. Really? The ageless child inside me is restless to test this out! Words fascinate […]


Danielle's Spa: Wisdom + Compassion = Love By: Susan Deborah Schiller My granddaughter and I were spending the summer together… I couldn't wait to share with her all my favorite childhood haunts… canoeing on the lake, the local swimming hole called "The Pit," trips to the library, and so much more. Caring for Danielle became […]


Letter to Fellow Pastors By: Pastor Jeff Crippen Editor's Note: The following open letter is written "pastor-to-pastor" but it will benefit all Christians to understand the dynamics of domestic violence in our churches and our proper responses when it happens in our church family. It's no longer a matter of "if" but "when" so let's […]


  The Art of Goofy-Stupid By Susan Deborah Schiller "Do you want to go flying?" asked the Preacher. The Preacher had been sitting in the bandstand, next to the pool I wrote about in, "The Fountain of Youth" at midnight, and he had been listening to me sing. It was the next morning and I […]


Lessons in the Desert: The Fountain of Youth From the Series, "Escape to Freedom: Diary of a Battered Preacher's Wife" ~ Part 2 Previous Chapter: Voice of the Moon Flower By: Susan McKenzie A.K.A. Tender Lily Stripping off jeans and jacket to my bathing suit underneath, I quickly let my body slip into the tranquil […]


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