Living With a Sociopath

Walking through What Seems Dead and Wasted By: White Dove  in the series, "Conversations with Daddy" I wanted to change the world. Ever since I was a little child I dreamed of going to foreign lands, solving the problems of world hunger and clean water for at least one community. It didn't seem fair that […]


The Ride of Your Life By: White Dove "Saddle up your horses and get ready to ride! It's the ride of your life," my heavenly Father whispered. It was early morning and bitterly cold and I was snuggled under a fuzzy blanket writing in my journal. Until then, I had never been around horses, but […]


Time to Get Your Life Back! By: Deborah White Dove Just as city streets are safer at night when the dark corners are well lit, we are going to identify the crime scenes and establish abuse-free zones in those areas. We first began by identifying your adversary, and now we're going to walk down the […]


Reinvention through Resurrection By: Susan Deborah Schiller Previous Chapter: The Suicide Notice "…Hope knows that if great trials are avoided, great deeds remain undone and the possibility of growth into greatness of soul is aborted.… When tragedy makes its unwelcome appearance and we are deaf to everything but the shriek of our own agony, when courage flies […]


Nothing is Impossible By: Susan Deborah Schiller "There is nothing you cannot do," says Tao Porchon-Lynch, 96-year old yoga instructor and ballroom dancer. You may wonder what a yoga instructor has to do with surviving sociopathic abuse. How can her version of "impossible" possibly relate to your living nightmare? You've been beaten for over two […]


Heaven is Only a Whisper Away By: Susan Deborah Schiller If living with a sociopath has made worn you down, depressed, and sickened your body, mind, and spirit it's time to turn the tables. Today I'm going to introduce strategies that will make your enemy sick and tired – even depressed – until he runs.  I want to […]

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Diary of a Battered Preacher’s Wife – “Straight Talk, Wife-to-Wife” A letter from a dear friend, Kimberly Dimick, when I was “King’s Bride” on a marriage forum… listen in as a formerly abused wife shares when it’s time for a Christian wife to back away from her marriage and to quit standing, praying, and waiting […]


Knowing Your Enemy Matters By: Susan Deborah Schiller I was scared, depressed, and ready to give up. Middle of the night interrogations, gaslighting, and more made my home like a prisoner of war camp. No one saw what was happening, for it was all behind the doors of a "successful ministry" led by a popular […]

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Silence the Abused –  Cover Up the Crime By: Susan Deborah Schiller I was married to a sociopath for two decades. We were active Christian leaders and from all outward appearances we were "normal". That's the scariest part about sociopaths – they look like normal Christians. Like tares in a wheat field, they blend in perfectly. […]


Tracking a Psychopath, Part 2 By: Susan Deborah Schiller     Part 1    Part 3 Trigger Alert: This article is intended for mature audiences and specifically for those who want to understand the inner working of sociopaths. It is not ideal for survivors who are working through the healing process. Please read with discretion. The […]


Why Seeing the Wolves in Sheep Skin Protects Victims, and also the Predators By: Susan Deborah Schiller As someone with thousands of hours of listening to the life stories of sociopaths over the course of 14-years I want to show you the power of SEEING sociopaths in our midst… how we can protect ourselves from […]


The Dream Maker By: Susan Deborah Schiller   This is Part 2 of "From Widow Maker to Dream Maker" The Dream Maker (versus the Widow Maker) is the source of our joy, the source of our creativity, and the source of our lives. We learn to call him "God" – it's a man-made label and there […]


This week some friends and I are talking about the "Spirit of the Poor" in a synchroblog that starts over at Esther Emery's place (click on the image to the left, to join the conversation)! Newell Hendricks and Esther Emery are two people that I love to learn from, because they both practice what they […]


Rising Like A Shooting Star For R.A. in the series "Princess Blessings"  ~ Audio Availiable Here These are the compiled words of knowledge and prophecy by her soul sisters. You are an exceptionally beautiful woman, with talents to match your exquisite taste and good looks. You deserved a prince who would have treated you like […]


Star Trails By: White Dove Photo Credit: Rod Schaefer used with permission. There's something powerful inside us that is meant to glow in the dark. I don't believe we're simply meant to "grin and bear it" when bad things happen, like kids who hide under the covers when something scary makes a noise in the […]


Practicing the Art of Being Wild 'n Free By: Susan Schiller For centuries the bald eagle has been a symbol of freedom in our country. This past weekend my husband and I paddled a canoe for over 20-miles down the lazy Tongue River, in eastern Montana. The Tongue River borders the Cheyenne reservation and we […]


The Suicide Notice By:  Susan Schiller  Photo Source  Click Here for An Audio Recording if You Prefer to Listen! From the series, "Escape to Freedom: Diary of a Battered Preacher's Wife" "So I'm sitting here with a broken heart wondering what on earth could bring a sister in Christ to a point that she would […]


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