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Listening in the Night Watches By: Susan Deborah Schiller The story you don't want to write may be sounding an alarm in the night watches. You can't sleep, stumble out of bed, and wonder if you should get something to eat or watch TV. But if you listen in the night watch, the untold story […]


Five-year old pilot surfs the airwaves… By Susan Deborah Schiller One of my father's greatest gifts to me was to invite me into his every day life, showing me that life is without limits and that even the "impossible" really means i'm-possible. With Papa God all things are possible. Today I'll share a story of […]


Mattie's Life Story: Lessons from a  Border Collie By: Susan Deborah Schiller "I'm bored!" says Mattie's look in this photo. Mattie retired at age 7 from the Pathfinder Ranch in Wyoming where she was used to chasing cows from sunrise to sunset, always on the go. Now she was on our little farm and wondering […]


The Courage to Go Public By: Susan Deborah Schiller "Go public with your diaries," whispered a voice I've come to trust as my heavenly father's. "But instead of writing the past, I want you to write your future," he continued. Since then, I've joined a growing army of "heart scribes" and we are writing ourselves into […]


The Ride of Your Life By: Susan Deborah Schiller "Saddle up your horses and get ready to ride! It's the ride of your life," my heavenly Father whispered. It was early morning and bitterly cold and I was snuggled under a fuzzy blanket writing in my journal. Until then, I had never been around horses, […]


Wounds are Windows for the Glory of God By: Susan Deborah Schiller Our wounds are windows that show God’s artwork shining through the mosaic of our soul. I believe it’s silence and solitude that cause our inner flame to glow. Silence and solitude are our companions on the journey within, which I call “On the Way […]


By: Susan Deborah Schiller  in the series "Create Your World" Have you ever felt like you were constantly in a state of reacting to what is happening around you? Shari, a reader, shared the following story with me: "I feel dead. It started 10-years ago and it's only gotten worse. The doctors gave me an EEG […]


Never Alone By: Susan Deborah Schiller A little chapter in my mini-memoir, where I learned that God is in the daily details of our lives. Jumping into my boots I launch myself into the icy Wyoming wind to break ice on the troughs. It's one of those times when I nearly persuade myself that I am alone. I call myself, "The […]


God's Laughter By: Susan Deborah Schiller God is the kindest, most joyful, fun-loving, totally unpredictable, wild and most awesome Person ever!  It's the most life-changing discovery in my life! I have been discovering God's nature everywhere… in the outdoors, in stories, in books, in movies, in the Bible, and in my dreams… but until I […]


From Ruin to Restoration, Part Two By: Joshua Dimick Part One, By Kimberly Dimick For twenty years I kept my wife and two sons prisoners to my tyranny. I exacted control by using rage and manipulated them by means of my blistering anger. Nothing was about love; everything was about following my rules. I expected […]


The Looking Glass By: Susan Schiller How we see ourselves is what we will sooner or later become, and when we see ourselves through God's eyes we reclaim our true identity… even if it feels preposterous, at first! We are stepping into a new skin, as we dare to get naked and unashamed by discarding the old skin […]


She Flew By: Susan Deborah Schiller Why have I attracted sociopaths everywhere I go? What causes them to be drawn to me? So many times I've heard it's because I'm "too nice," "too trusting," and "suffering from low self-esteem".  Over a period of 14 years I have studied sociopaths, up close and personal. I have […]

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Five Big Questions to Flesh our Your Stories By: Susan Deborah Schiller I have been in the company of great women this week.  Each of these women has told me stories of triumphs over adversity in their lives, of lessons it has taken them a lifetime to learn, and it inspired everyone at the table. […]


What Do You Want Your Life to Look Like? By: Susan Deborah Schiller I'm going to challenge you today to listen to Nick's story in the video above and to ask yourself: What, really, would your life look like without limits? What may be holding you back? Name it. Stake your flag on the outcome […]


Life with No Fear By: Susan Deborah Schiller and Danielle Bednarcik Do you see a world full of guns and wars, food and fuel shortages, unemployment and foreclosures? A country teetering on the edge of destruction? I used to. Now I see a world where children and youth have the solutions to problems our generation […]


  The Art of Goofy-Stupid 101 By Susan Deborah Schiller Part of my own Mini-Memoir In my 50th year of life – you know, that time when you start to wonder if you have really achieved those childhood dreams and all the goals you had set out to accomplish – I began an adventure… It […]


A New World in the Making By: Susan Deborah Schiller When Jesus landed on this planet he initiated a chain reaction of events that disarmed all evil, even to this very day, in the 21st century on Planet Earth. Jesus calmed storms, walked on water, and raised dead people to life. Death by torture didn’t […]


Living in the In-between By: Susan Deborah Schiller I'd like to introduce you to Jeff Goins, one of my mentors. He expresses so well what I'd like to share with you, about taking a look in the rear view mirror, digging for the treasures of our past, and how to find our true calling.  God […]


Soul Care for Caregivers By: Susan Deborah Schiller In the mini-memoir series A short story from my own memoir…. This evening I want to capture a mental photo of the red cliffs in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Savoring this place of newfound refuge and freedom means I can return to it anytime, in my memories. The setting sun has cast […]


Day 40: Voicing Your Worldview By: Susan Deborah Schiller From the "Write to Freedom" Mini Memoir eCourse Life Story Writing Tip: Each of us has a unique perspective, called our worldview, which is helpful to know, in writing our memoirs. Knowing our story comes before writing our story, and giving voice to your particular worldview […]

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