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A Different Kind of Peace By: Susan Deborah Schiller “Ask me and I will tell you some remarkable secrets about what is going to happen here.” ~ Jeremiah 33:3 I asked God to show me the future – what I should be believing for and working toward. The first thing I saw was a company of […]


I Have A Dream By Susan Schiller Prayer is what happens when our thoughts are focused Heavenward. A vision is a prayer written down, originating in God's heart.  Our prayers become the script of our future life stories. Colossians 3:1-2 – Since you have been raised to new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of […]


An Encounter at God's Beauty Spa By: Susan Deborah Schiller  What if the abuse you've endured serves to make you bigger, better, and more beautiful? What if what scares you turns into your greatest source of blessing?​ What if the ugliest things you've seen and heard are being used to make you more beautiful?  What if the weapon […]


We Are Crossing Over By: Susan Deborah Schiller Thousands of years ago God put into place a plan to save every family – every man, woman, and child. It's an ongoing story that was first recorded in the Old Testament, with "cities of refuge" and family "redeemers". I write more about this stratege at "The […]


Making all of Life Sacred By: Susan Deborah Schiller To Listen to this Story My favorite place in the world is a long, winding dirt road running alongside the Vermillion River in Northwestern Montana. The wilderness is my sacred space, and home to beavers, otters, muskrats, golden eagles, a whole chorus line of bull frogs, […]


Sweet one, let us hear your story. Let us wrap you in Love with skin. There's a sacred love story unfolding among the women who surround me. At first, it may seem shocking. Instead of religious zeal, shrugged on like a cloak, they choose to run naked, wild and free. These sisters are writers who […]


Beware of the Marriage Trap By: Susan Deborah Schiller Modern wedding vows may be a sign of marriage dysfunction. Marriage vows can be a license to steal, kill, and destroy a woman's soul, along with the children. Marriage vows are not biblical, but making a marriage covenant is. At the heart of love is a covenant […]


Life with No Fear By: Susan Deborah Schiller and Danielle Bednarcik Do you see a world full of guns and wars, food and fuel shortages, unemployment and foreclosures? A country teetering on the edge of destruction? I used to. Now I see a world where children and youth have the solutions to problems our generation […]


Bridge Between Two Worlds By: Susan Deborah Schiller From the Mini Memoir eCourse "Write to Freedom" What benefit can there be to dig into our past, to revisit our pain, to write our life stories? Are we gazing down the barrel of a gun, or can it become a bridge between two worlds?  Today I want to offer […]


A 2-Year Informal Observation of Christian Economics in One Small Town By: Susan Deborah Schiller     #spiritofthepoor This is a follow up to this month’s Spirit of the Poor link-up, hosted by Luke Harms. It's also led by Esther Emery and Newell Henricks, #spiritofthepoor and it's a really great place to get inspired about Heaven's Economics, […]


Day 8: Art-Every-Day-Month – Let the Children Come By: Susan Schiller "Children, parents, elders… everyone is welcome. Let's all dance!" sounded the invitation and a rainbow of colors burst into the arena in a parade of Cheyenne families, white families, cowboys and Indians, rich and poor, Catholics and Protestants, and more. My friend Marvia said […]


The Other Side of the Story By: Susan Deborah Schiller   aka Tender Lily    Photo Credit "Would you believe this was all an accident?" asked Louise, doubtful the detective would be interested in hearing her side of the story. I'm talking about the movie, "Thelma and Louise," of course. Louise commits murder, in rescuing Thelma in […]


Grandmother Power: Creating Happiness in Guatemala By: Susan Deborah Schiller The Power of One Grandmother on Fire can change a nation. One little life touching other little lives, one-by-one. This is a story of how one grandmother is creating her world in Guatemala, bringing happiness to widows and orphans. Felipa and Estrellita (photo above) are […]


Photo Credit Down the Rabbit Hole By Susan McKenzie, in the series: "On the Way Home" Have you ever dreamed you were late – like, very late – for a very important date? Alice, from the movie, Alice in Wonderland was fortunate to see the rabbit (no one else did!) and courageous enough to leave […]


What's in a Baby's Name? By: Susan Schiller   Photo Credit A name is so important – it's what a child is going to hear all day long for the rest of her life. It's what she will answer to, and it's who she will become. In some cultures, a baby-naming ceremony creates a deeply […]


American Jesus By: Deborah Lionne Photo Credit: Jesus Daily Would Jesus be welcome in a typical American town, today? Would I recognize Him? What would He look like? How would He dress? What kind of car would He be driving? Where would He stay? Who would He hang out with? My town is full of […]


Voice of the Bride Speaks By: Susan Deborah Schiller Dear Mr. Pat Robertson, In 1979 you brought Barrie McGuire to the 700 Club and he sang a song that still reverberates in my imagination, "The Cosmic Cowboy." It forever changed my life, as He took me by the hand and I became His bride. This […]


In Search of: A Message, A Man, A Meeting By: Vince Coakley The idea for this title belongs to my dear wife, Debbie.  As we went for a walk the other day, we discussed the issues that will follow.  Just today, I was meditating on the content for this blog posting.  The heart behind it […]


A Discussion on "Organic Church versus Institutional Church" By: Dr. Stephen R. Crosby I recently had a private conversation with a mature brother on organic church versus institutional church “issues.”  I have been encouraged by some friends to make this communication public, minus the private information and plus some minor editing. It seems germane to […]

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When the Sorrow is Too Much to Bear Previous chapter: "She Touched Tomorrow with Her Prayers" Deena's Story – written by Susan Schiller following a life story interview Trigger Warning: This is a "pushing back the darkness story" – one of the "True Love Prevails: 100 Stories". There is a mature theme, but if you […]


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