Heaven is Only a Whisper Away By: Susan Deborah Schiller If living with a sociopath has made worn you down, depressed, and sickened your body, mind, and spirit it's time to turn the tables. Today I'm going to introduce strategies that will make your enemy sick and tired – even depressed – until he runs.  I want to […]

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We Shall Overcome Part One of "Secret Heroes"  Part Two of "Secret Heroes"  Part Three of "Secret Heroes" By: Susan Deborah Schiller One of my church leaders threatened to rape me. A second leader claimed he was going to torture me with knives, beginning with my feet and working up. In cohoots, my husband threatened to take piano wire and […]


Did You Marry the Wrong Mr. Right? By: Susan Deborah Schiller   Part 1: The Perfect Prey   Part 2: 10 Red Flags You're Marrying A Sociopath   Part 3: Did You Marry the Wrong Mr. Right?    Part 4: Create Your Own Jailbreak By sharing my story, Bethany's story, and the stories of other abuse survivors, we […]


When Silence Abuses the Abused By: Susan Schiller Nice people say nice things about other period. I know, because I've been a "nice girl" all my life, as are the majority of Christians. I was raised with the motto: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!" Being a nice, […]


Letter to Fellow Pastors By: Pastor Jeff Crippen Editor's Note: The following open letter is written "pastor-to-pastor" but it will benefit all Christians to understand the dynamics of domestic violence in our churches and our proper responses when it happens in our church family. It's no longer a matter of "if" but "when" so let's […]


"The One" Secret Heroes, Part 3 Secret Heroes 1 Secret Heroes 2 Secret Heroes 4 By: Susan McKenzie It was a stuffy late spring day in sixth-grade language arts class and I was incredibly bored. I let my mind freely wander during the redundant lessons. Our chairs faced forward, prohibiting us from glancing out the […]


You will believe what you see. You will speak what you believe. You will have what you say. A reader of the "Love from Papa" letters recently wrote to me sharing how family members and close friends had always formed judgments against them, speaking these things both behind their back and in their presence, criticizing […]


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