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Imagine holding in your hands a full-color legacy, bound in an heirloom quality masterpiece that holds the keys to unleashing your best life yet…

The HeartScribes Mini-Memoir Project is a way to showcase the most important messages of your life story, but even better, it's a tool to:

  • Become the girl or boy you once were.
  • Open your heart to the adventure of life without limits.
  • Discover your life's purpose and mission.
  • Awaken to your authentic self.
  • Know your story – you can't write a memoir if you don't know your story.
  • Rewrite your future. Your finished mini memoir will be a compass helping you to navigate (make good choices) into your mission and purpose in life.

This is NOT a class to focus on skills, talents, and writing expertise. It’s an adventure – an inner exploration of who we are as royal children of God.

Adventures begin with a story. “Once upon a time…” How we tell our stories determines the direction of our lives.

Life stories open doors, and help us to see what is possible. We’re partnering together to help you get your life back… better than it was before. As you write your story, your life begins to shift in a new direction.

Testimonial: God's words through you have been pivotal in helping me make the internal shift necessary away from the shame and guilt, I'm just lost for words to tell you how much of an impact they had and are having. – R. H.

All you need is your “yes”. Give yourself permission to allow yourself to be seen. In opening your heart, you are giving yourself a gift of creating your very best life.

It’s not a process or a step-by-step blueprint for wholeness. You’re simply going to lean in and listen to your own heart. You'll begin to find out who you truly are and what your purpose is.

Testimonial: Some day, when you stand before the Lord, I will be there amongst the great cloud of witnesses testifying about the amazing power of love within you and the gift you shared to bring healing.  Then you will know the true measure of the lives you have impacted for good and the blessing you are to the Kingdom of God.  Thank you for sacrificing yourself — for us! — JL

Writing your mini-memoir will take about 20 minutes a day, or you can set aside a larger block of time on the weekends. It can be done at your own pace!

You can expect a weekly newsletter from me, containing a mixture of:

  • Writing prompts, with ideas and inspiration.
  • A father’s and/or mother’s blessing from God’s heart to yours.
  • My own stories, along with samples of life story writings from Team Family members.
  • Teaching on how to bring order out of chaos and how to create your world, using the materials from the most difficult experiences of your life.
  • Photo prompts and technical tips for those who wish to create an heirloom quality book with colorful, glossy pages.

There are no deadlines or course requirements. You can choose to store these emails in a file, for use later, or you can work on them at your own pace. You can skip around. Stop and start at any time.

You will always be right on time – never behind. I'll show you how your story can touch the hearts of family, friends, and strangers alike.

Testimonial: The tangible reality of your experiences leave me speechless and humbled. ~ Filip Vd Ende

I want to assure you that I will not be pushing you to be or do anything. We come from different backgrounds and we likely have different personality types, and this is about YOU and for you. My own faith background (Christianity) will appear in my writing, but not as means to convert anyone – but rather to help people recover from religion, more than anything else.

I am here to be a friend. No judgment. No shame. No worries.

Testimonial: I just wanted to say thank you again for the in credible way in which you were present for me when I needed you most.  You were immediately present and totally available to listen and support.  I know that in your heart you know this is a gift you have to offer others, but I want to completely affirm that.  It is rare and felt like perfume to my stinking mess of a heart.  So thank you again. — NH

You are free to share your personal reflections on this journey. You’re free to ask questions and make comments. 

Testimonial: You have a strong voice for those who need to hear it – and an encouraging one at that 🙂 …You were one of the first people in my life to REALLY take spiritual abuse head-on and look to purposefully do something about it.  – J.S.

Thank you for choosing yourself and for joining me on this adventure!

White Dove

Testimonial: Because of u for the first time im not ashamed! For the person i have become today! That i can finally face the pain! – Mike M

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Shauna evans December 28, 2016 at 3:41 pm

Sounds fun


Cherise August 2, 2016 at 11:12 pm

Hello, to who it may concern. I've started like of a memoir but I call it a reflective diary of myself at different stages in life. I don't see a place here to attach it so I won't. I'll be glad to hear more from you on guidance with my writing project. Please contact me via email soon CM.


Melinda April 15, 2016 at 7:12 am

Would like to have more info concerning on how to proceed.


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