Chart a New Path, Create Your World

Chart a New Path

By: White Dove

Too many of us have been living in hell. Victims of sociopaths have very few places or people we can go to, to understand what happened, why, and most of all – how to create a new life!

The world has enough victims, and as we are learning, there are very few people who have the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to help us. We must become our own best champions!

We must become childlike to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and that's because the solutions are simple, even in the midst of a complex universe. We can change our circumstances, but it's probably going to look a lot different than you may have expected.

We can live without fear. We can create happiness. We can choose to live the adventure of abundant life!

I've compiled the following stories, demonstrating how my friends and I have been able to change our stories, and in doing so, to begin to create our world.

Although I, personally, come from a Christian background, these principles transcend religious and denominational lines. All Truth is God's Truth. Some stories are scientific; others tell life experiences and explain spiritual concepts.

So, jump on board… this is living your life's greatest adventure!

Heaven in Our World Today

In an increasingly chaotic and stressful world, how do we bring heaven in our world today? What does it look like, on a practical day-to-day level, especially when you are under fire, in an abusive relationship?

Can we really create beauty out of chaos? I have been learning to do this, over the past few years since my recovery from a pathological relationship

The world is changing, and what anchors my soul is Truth. All Truth is God's truth. 

My faith has taken a quantum leap since I began adding science and art to my spirituality. I have been learning to create my world by renewing my mind. I've come to recognize the value of neuroscience and the power I have to create happiness when I understand how my brain reacts to chemicals, hormones, stress, and speaking God's Word.  Read more…

Sometimes we need a tangible icon, a symbol, that represents what we are believing. It has no power in and of itself, but when we look at it, touch it, and visualize its meaning, it fertilizes the soil of our mind and implants the belief, like a seed. As we keep looking at it, touching it, listening to it, the seed of faith grows...

Every time a doubt, a fear, or at the slightest growl of that mangy wolf, pull out the Lady of Liberty. Feel the pure, cool silver on your skin. Imagine you are walking in full stride toward the light of a new day, the day God promised us, where the lion will lay down with the lamb. You are a warrior and you are about your Father's business, setting things right in this world.   Read More

There is chemistry involved in breaking the chains of abuse. The hypothalamus creates neuro-peptides (amino acids) that attach to the mental picture we have of our situation. These peptides lock into special receptors in our cells and begin to vibrate at a frequency level that matches the emotion attached to your mental picture.

It didn't happen over night, but the more I spoke the declarations out loud, the quicker the transformation! I began to attract stable, good people into my life, instead of abusers. Gradually, I began to stand up for myself. I went to court and won my case against my employer. I went to the state labor board and also won that case.  I learned that EXPECTATION FORMS OUR REALITY.  Read More

One of the greatest life lessons I've learned is that I have a choice. And my life is a sum total of all those choices. I am in charge of my destiny. As I'm conformed to the image of Christ through simply abiding in Him, I begin to take responsibility for changing the atmosphere.

Remember, the cause of Chaos in this world is directly related to our thoughts! And when a large part of the population live in fear, shame, sorrow… or worse yet, greed, manipulation, and power, Chaos rules and the Dark rises.

So where do we start?

Every part of our story that lies in darkness has the potential to plague us, to create an unhealthy atmosphere that attracts even more chaos. We start by sharing our story! Getting naked and being unashamed. This is our inheritance – a life with no fear, no shame, no regrets!  Read More

Creating Beauty out of Chaos by using decrees, as in the Great Reversal in the book of Esther…

Our prayers become the script of our life! When chaos descends, polluting our atmosphere with the "stuff" that grinds us down, day-by-day and hour-by-hour, how can we create a new atmosphere?

Once again I went to Papa God and asked Him.  He pointed me to the book of Esther and he taught me how to "make a decree". In this Old Testament book, it was looking really bad for God's people. A psychopath named Haman conceived a master plan to massacre a whole tribe of people – the Jews. Genocide on a mass scale. But God was already light years ahead of Haman, having given Queen Esther favor with the king. When her Uncle Mordechai discovered the wicked plot, he covertly met with the queen, exhorting her to use her favor to stall the massacre.    Read more! 

Create your world with "I AM" statements of faith …

Our culture eventually tells us what it expects us to be and do… and we conform, step-by-step, to the world around us… especially if we are the compliant, obedient ones!  We create our own worlds. Just as we can't blame God for the bad conditions we see in this world, so we can't blame God or fate or anyone else for our circumstances. We are created in God's image to be co-creators. He wants to help us recreate ourselves and to recreate our world so that it lines up with His master plan!

"I AM" is the name Papa God calls Himself. He lives in me. I'm created in His image. So often I sabotaged myself by saying things like, "I AM 'damaged goods'." or "I AM 'lonely and misunderstood'." I had forgotten I'm created in His image and my words have power to create! In ignorance, I created a world where I became a magnet to abusive people and situations.

Let's be Kingdom writers and write ourselves into a better world! Your story matters!     Read more!

Create your world with goals – where do you want to be one year from now? …

What do you really want in your life? Forget about money. Forget about fear. Forget about anything that makes your dream seem impossible. We serve a BIG GOD who wants His Glory to fill the whole earth. When you're happy doing what you're passionate about it glorifies Him and it makes you SHINE! So go ahead… dream big!

Write it down. Let it be messy, not perfect. Taking action is what counts!

Your written goals, like your prayers, are the blueprint of your life. Whatever you speak (or write) is what you get. You are creating your world, one word at a time.       Read more!

Create your world with your words – what you speak is what you get!

I didn't realize I had written my future into existence. What I speak (and write) is what I get. The imagination is the single most powerful source of energy in the universe. Words harness the energy and change the atmosphere!

"You are to impact life, don't let it impact you," I heard Papa tell me one day. I always try to write His words down in my journal because I know it's because He wants to teach me a lesson about life.

So I write. I publish. I squirm a bit because it feels totally weird to send words out into the universe where anyone and everyone can read them. I keep writing, and writing, and writing anyway. Because I've learned the power of words. 

I have a dream. It's a vision of the kind of world I want to live in. Little by little, I encounter people who are just like the characters in my "ideal" world. If my words can change the atmosphere around me, then they are also affecting the people inside my atmosphere. Because I want to be a change agent for peace and blessing in this world, I'm beginning to attract like-minded people… instead of abusers! Yeah!!!     Read more!

95% of Americans have shrunk their dreams! Our decisions create a world for the next generation…

What did you dream about as a young child? Did you ever imagine yourself to be a king or a queen, a rock star or movie star, superman or superwoman, an astronaut or a firefighter? Young people have "Dream Circles" with themselves in the center… and all these projects and destinations planned for different stages of their lives. Then we grow up and the world convinces us to exchange our Dream Circle for an Income Circle. We tell ourselves it's okay to buy cable television and not the air ticket, it's all right to work 2-3 jobs instead of painting or writing a book, and maybe when the kids are grown we can get the education to do what we are passionate about instead of working for a pay check.

I believe we're moving into a new age where our Dream Circles will DICTATE our Income Circles, instead of the other way around! We must, or we leave the next generation at risk! As together we write our life stories, we are challenging each other with these questions. We're intentionally creating an environment – a culture – where we're creating a living legacy…. in some cases, a whole new family legacy! If it's broken, why pass it on to the next generation?     Read More!

Speak the Truth even if your voice shakes!

In listening to each other, we become "life story artists" painting a picture of our world. I believe that together we can create a better world, through understanding the human condition and being willing to be naked and unashamed. I believe we can bless the next generation by giving them a world where "abused no more" is a reality.

We Create our World in Telling our Stories

     Read More!


This page is under construction – we'll be adding new stories, so please come back soon!

Be you. Live free. Tell your story.

With all my love,


Susan Schiller knows how it feels to lose everything: marriage and family, church and reputation, finances and businesses, and more. Susan's upcoming, interactive memoir, "On the Way Home," tells the story of how she came to be known as "the most abused woman" her counselors had yet met and how she learned to navigate her way out of hell to a rich and satisfying life. In her lifetime, Susan has served in duties ranging from home school mom – to pastor –  to full-time deliverance minister – and to Midwest regional prayer coordinator for a large international ministry. These days you can usually find Susan soaking in her favorite hot springs pool, reading a book (or several), blogging, baking bread, or hanging out with her family and friends. You can pre-order a free copy of Susan's upcoming book, "On the Way Home" by registering here.

Copyright 2014, Susan Schiller, For reprint permission for any private or commercial use, in any form of media, please contact Susan Schiller.

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Susan Schiller November 4, 2014 at 11:38 pm

"Christ within means that we have access to the Creator within, and we get to create with Him the life we want to lead in the Spirit. You always end up with the life that you created, good or bad. So make it a good one!"



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