Create Beauty out of Chaos!

We don’t have to live by default. Maybe this is what Miriam Hellman means when she coaches us to “rise up!”

“Despite what other people might think is your fate in the future, God is ready to deliver you out of all the expectations of your enemies. Some of your enemies are sure that you are finished. God says you are only beginning. Rise up.” ~ Miriam Hellman

We are meant to be the HAPPIEST people on earth, but nothing changes unless we change the way we think, speak, and act!

We overcome this dark world by the Blood of the Lamb (unselfish, sacrificial love that lays down her life for her friends) and the word of our testimony (telling our story). Courage is faith in action.

Imagine: What if telling your story, using God’s word and promises, BECOMES THE PRAYER, the written transcript that rewrites your future!

Writing my memoir has become a vehicle of quantum leaping, for me. It’s helped to heal my heart, to bring peace out of a nightmare, and to create order out of chaos.

What if you could harness the energy that generated all those negative circumstances and create beauty out of the chaos? That’s what these articles are all about!

Walking in the Light By: Susan Deborah Schiller I believe we're given "mission impossibles" because there's something we need to learn about God's nature and how it alters our ongoing life story. We're each here to experience and display the glorious facets of God's nature. We're designed to SHINE! For abuse survivors, our stories may seem […]


Faith as a Catalyst for Hope and Love By: Susan Deborah Schiller There are still days when I feel disconnected… like my brain has a huge lag… when I feel lost in the dark. The neuroscience behind pathological love relationships helps me to understand there will be these kinds of days. It takes a long time […]


Creating Beauty out of Chaos By: Susan Deborah Schiller Photo Credit Chaos… descending upon an elementary school in Oklahoma where children huddled, terrified and battered by an horrific tornado. Children and teachers dead. In Ohio, three teenage girls kidnapped and held captive for ten years just a few feet away from good people. In Florida, a […]


How I Tell My Story Powers My Life for Good or for… By: Susan Deborah Schiller I bonded with that old truck pictured above. We had some adventures together, let me tell you! In some ways, this Dodge cummins taught me how to keep going, even beyond the sabotage of smear campaigns, Stockholm Syndrom, gaslighting and […]


A Quantum Leap By: Susan Schiller Just before first light, I awakened with the thought, "Take a quantum leap!" Startled, I arose from bed and fired up my computer, plugging in "definition quantum leap". Merriam-Webster defines the term: "An abrupt change, sudden increase, or dramatic advance." In November of 2006, I attended a conference where David Van […]


What Would You Do if You Had No Barriers? By: Susan Deborah Schiller The most 'impossible' challenges require dropping down to a child's level, for that's the only way to understand Kingdom solutions. I've found the best way to be childlike is to hang around children and do kid-stuff together. This past month my granddaughter and […]


  Jesus once asked Simon Peter, "Who Do You Say I Am?" Peter replied, "You are the Christ." Peter became a brand new person as he spent time with Jesus. "You become who you behold," God once whispered into my heart. My gaze so often was focused on negative circumstances, opposition, and oppression in my […]


Harness the Energy By: Susan Deborah Schiller In our part of the country powerful windmills dot the pastures, fueling the water troughs for thousands of cows. These simple inventions harness the energy of the wind. I want to share with you how writing has harnessed the energy, created a shift in my circumstances, and catapulted me into a […]


Seeing Beyond the Betrayal By: Susan Deborah Schiller Betrayal is the worst kind of pain, because it usually blindsides us. We don't expect to be abandoned in such a hurtful way from the ones that pledged to love, honor, and cherish us no matter what. It seems impossible to ever trust again, to be whole […]

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What Do You Want? By: Susan Deborah Schiller What if a simple question, "What do you want?" were to reset your compass needle? What if following your dream is a God-given mandate that you not only deserve but are required to pursue? It certainly helps to know your destination! As an abuse survivor, I discovered […]


Double for All Your Trouble! By: Susan Deborah Schiller We are each a house, even a temple, for our King. Some of us have been so aligned with a spirit of religion that we've needed to be remodeled, to be fit houses for the King. And so, there is first a demolition process. The following scene […]


The Looking Glass By: Susan Schiller How we see ourselves is what we will sooner or later become, and when we see ourselves through God's eyes we reclaim our true identity… even if it feels preposterous, at first! We are stepping into a new skin, as we dare to get naked and unashamed by discarding the old skin […]


A Horse for Dani: How a Spark of Joy can Fuel a Dream By: Susan Deborah Schiller All she wants is a horse of her own, this little girl who looks at me with tears in her eyes. I have no natural ability to give her such a gift, but I know God can make […]


Knowing Your Enemy Matters By: Susan Deborah Schiller I was scared, depressed, and ready to give up. Middle of the night interrogations, gaslighting, and more made my home like a prisoner of war camp. No one saw what was happening, for it was all behind the doors of a "successful ministry" led by a popular […]

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Watch "The Shift" Happen in your Own Life By: Susan Deborah Schiller Where do you need a shift? In your finances? Time? Purpose? Mission? Happiness? Relationships? I hope you get a chance to watch this fascinating movie. Don't worry, it's fast-paced, thought-provoking, and full of drama, too. My 10-year old granddaughter sat for the whole movie, […]


Five Good Things, Maybe Six By: Susan Schiller In the aftermath of marriage with a sociopath, I have often felt like a piece of machinery that was fashioned and designed to do good works but who was left behind in the middle of an empty field. Forgotten. Rejected. Unwanted. Broken. Thanksgiving changes that negative feeling, every […]


In This Fateful Hour By: Susan Deborah Schiller   Prayer by: Madeleine L'Engle Painting by: Akiane   Poem by: Danielle Bednarcik In this fateful hour – a time when the earth is covered with darkness – corruption in every level of society, can it be possible that our children have the keys to a brighter future? Not when […]


Mission Impossible By: Susan Deborah Schiller Sharing a condensed version of a chapter in my memoir… My husband and I were only 40-some years old when life as we had known it ground to a sudden halt. We both lost our jobs and moved to the wilderness following a severe spinal injury. After two years […]


Create Your Own Jail Break By: Susan Deborah Schiller  Standing up to Sociopaths – A Collection of Essays Today's write to freedom activation will show you how to tell a story that will break a prisoner's chains. Storytelling, at an empathetic level, with a little bit of informal education about real evil, can arm ordinary people to […]


  Heaven in Our World Today By: Susan Deborah Schiller    Create Your World Series Heaven is inside us. It's our inheritance and we've been given the means to bring that piece of heaven into our outward world today! Simple is better than complex. We must become childlike to enter the Kingdom of heaven. What does it […]


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